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Claudia Santiago is the Founder and CEO of VIVA-LA-VIDA! SUCCESS  (VLVS) (in Spanish pronounced: Veeh-vah-Lah-Veedah!) which encompasses her as an established international recording artist, speaker, event producer and host, writer, entrepreneur and humanitarian. She invites her audience at her live events and online to participate in various opportunities at Viva-La-Vida! Success.


(VLVS): an multimedia, strategic, interactive system and network with supplementary live events for life and professional development success. VLVS includes Online Centers, Magazines, Radio/TV Studios, Livestream Shows, Multimedia Productions, Training Institute, Resource Center and Live Events. VLVS is unique, fun, entertaining, inspirational, educating, equipping and empowering “VIDA VISION KEYS”, which is a LIFE GIVING VISION to men and women. Claudia and her team through VLVS serve to help people discover, connect with others to fulfill their destiny.

Having experienced others mentoring her and been given many opportunities, Claudia is thankful for this and has seen the fruit of this. Claudia and her husband Bruce and their team pass on the secrets to their success to equip and empower others so they can walk out their unique calling on their lives. Whether it is in personal life or career, Claudia and her team equip others to practically walk it out as they empower others through what Claudia Santiago has established as VIVA-LA-VIDA! SUCCESS. She is thankful for the wonderful support team that helps her stay connected with individuals and VLVS (Spanish: Viva-La-Vida! Exito “VLVE”) members she has met at events, face to face, online and other media.


Viva-La-Vida! Success (VLVS) is an expansion of Claudia’s unique and entertaining approach of impacting her audience both on stage and off stage, by bringing a transformational equipping and empowering them to arise and fulfill their destiny.

VLVS is a multi-media online and live events platform and network in which Claudia invites her international audience to take part in this as a member and/or also a contributing member at live events, magazines, media etc. :

A. VIVA-LA-VIDA! SUCCESS CENTERS – network for leaders
B. VIVA-LA-VIDA! SUCCESS EVENTS – live and online events
C. VIDA VISION KEYS- leadership institute
D. VIVA-LA-VIDA! SUCCESS Magazines – lifestyle & leadership magazines
E. VLVS-VIDA VISION STUDIOS- production studios – Radio|TV| Photography
F. VLVS RESOURCE CENTER- stores and boutiques

This is done simply by registering for all access pass complimentary membership and/or registering to attend an event.

The following centers within VLVS have been established with each having it’s unique training system including: live and online events, institute, magazines, studios, resource stores as noted above:

1. Revive Live Vida! – Health and Wellness

2. Empower Strategic Success – Business and Leadership

3. Bella Vida! Women Empower – Professional Women / Women in Media / Leadership

4. Viva-La-Stage! – Public Figures, Producers, Film, Entertainment and Music Industry

5. Mi Casa Es Tu Casa Vida! Design – Home, Family, Marriage

6. Viva-La-Creatives! – Fine Art – Designers – Writers

7. Bella Vida! Life – Exotic & Luxury Travel – Vacations – Culture – Cuisine

8. Critical Edge Success – Men in Leadership

9.  Viva-La-Legacy! – Legacy Builders 60+

10.  Viva! Little Haley and Friends – Children